2015 marked the 150th worldwide anniversary of The Salvation Army, the second largest charity in the United Sates. Originating in 1865 in London, England, the organization championed and provided to the most needy, continuing today to adapt to the needs of the communities in order to ‘Do The Most Good’.

Here in Appleton, WI (Fox Cities) The Salvation Army has supported the community since 1917 providing such services as emergency food pantry and  a noon meal program for families in need. All thanks to your generous support!
Read the Official History here - The First 100 Years of the Appleton Salvation Army

Salvation Army Global Statistics

  • Officers 26,497
  • Employees 107,918
  • Senior Soldiers 1,174,913
  • Junior Soldiers 385,994
  • The Salvation Army serves in 126 countries around the world
  • Corps, outposts, societies, new plants (churches) 15, 636

Ministries include: hospitals, healthcare clinics, primary, elementary and high schools, homeless shelters, senior citizens residences, emergency disaster services, addiction treatment centers and community programming