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Adopt-A-Family Christmas Program
Guidelines & Donor Information

Is a Christmas sharing program where community members are matched with families struggling financially.  The Salvation Army qualifies families based on income and family size.  We will consider families who may marginally exceed the income limits but suffer from unfortunate or special circumstances (i.e. job loss, extenuating medical issues/costs).  On the Adopt-A-Family application the parent/guardian lists gift suggestions for each child in the household. Parent(s) are also asked to list gift suggestions for the household.

The matching process:
Our Adopt-A-Family phone lines (920-955-3646) open Nov 16 and continue through Dec 1 from 9 AM ~ 4 PM with volunteers anserwing the phones and matching sponsors on the following days:
November 16 to November 17
November 20 to November 22
November 27 to December 1
Note: Feel free to leave a voice-mail message if calling outside of business hours.
(closed weekends and on Wed Nov. 23 &  Fri 24)

When you call, (920-955-3646) please let the volunteer know the family size you want to sponsor.  They will take your information down and send you a copy of the family’s gift request list. Due to confidentiality identifying information will be omitted.  The list you receive will identify the first names of family members, age and gender of the children.

Contact information:
Phone:  (920) 882-0306  If the phone lines are busy please be patient and call back.  Or you can email me at:

On behalf of the Salvation Army and Christmas program recipients, we would like to say “Thank You” for your generous and overwhelming support of the Adopt-A-Family program. 

Once again, Christmas is fast approaching!  If you are interested in participating in the Adopt-A-Family program, we hope this information will assist you in your planning.


Some Commonly asked questions
Who gets the gifts?
In addition to the children, we suggest a family gift that can be shared or household gift. We also recommend a gift card for up to $50 from a local grocer for the family to purchase necessary food items to make a holiday meal. 

What are the donor guidelines?
The following guidelines have been established to eliminate confusion and establish fair and consistent treatment for all, year after year. 

  • Suggested spending range $50-$75 per child 
  • You can also purchase a gift for the household or a family gift
  • A grocery store gift certificate (approx. $50) for the family to prepare a Christmas dinner.  Do not bring food items!
  • Do not give cash
  • Call: (920) 882-0306 with any AAF questions.

$50-$75 per child doesn’t buy many gifts, can we spend more per child?
These are guidelines and each sponsor will need to determine the total amount they want to spend per child.  The reason we ask sponsors to limit the gift amount to $50-$75 is so all recipient children are treated fairly and consistently each year. 

When and where do I bring the gifts once I’m done shopping?

  • Bring the unwrapped gifts in a box, tote or laundry basket with wrapping paper to:

1200 W Kimberly Ave. Kimberly, WI (Fox Valley Christian Fellowship is attached to it) on Wednesday, Dec 13th from 8 am to 3 pm, or Thursday, Dec 14th from 11 am - 7 pm.   

The families will be picking up their gifts on Tuesday, December 19, and Wednesday, December 20.  If you are interested in volunteering on these days, please contact Char at (920) 955-1224.

Again, we wish to thank you for your generosity and willingness to make this holiday season a blessed time of year for all.

With gratitude,
Mindy Howell
Adopt-A-Family Coordinator 

  • PLEASE BE AWARE: Salvation Army staff will ONLY be present at the drop off site on the times & dates listed above so please do not drop off there at any other time. Please contact (920) 882-0306 if you have questions regarding drop off. Thank you for your support!