Community Supported for Over 100 years - "Doing the Most Good" in the Fox Cities!

Our History

The total needs of his fellow men and women – material, emotional and spiritual – were the primary concerns of William Booth, founder of The Salvation Army.

In 1865, Booth, an ordained English Methodist minister, along with his wife Catherine, enlisted followers to preach the gospel and wage war against the sin, social injustice and hunger that flourished in the East London slums. William Booth's Birthday - 10 April 1829 - Founder of The Salvation Army Through the Salvation Army's practical demonstration of compassion, men and women ravaged by sickness, hunger, and despair were touched in a way that conveyed value, genuine concern, and unconditional love. Commissioner George Scott Railton and seven women officers - “Hallelujah Lassies” - land in New York city on March 10, 1880 and commenced official Salvation Army ministry in the United States.


Since 1917, The Salvation Army, located in Appleton, has responded to its neighbors’ most urgent and basic needs. The Salvation Army has been serving the citizens of our great community for over 90 years. Whether food or clothing, shelter or assistance, disaster relief or on-going support in overcoming the challenges of substance abuse or mental illness. The Salvation Army serves those in need with dignity and compassion. Read the Official History here - The First 100 Years of the Appleton Salvation Army